16 in 1 Push-Up Board

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Transform Your Upper Body With This 16-1 Push-Up Board! 💪

The 16 in 1 Push Up Board is a unique color-coded board training system. It strengthens the entire upper body by targeting the chest, shoulders, arms, and back. Burn calories and boost your upper body strength with the Push Up Board


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  1. Push-ups are by far the most fundamental exercise when it comes to strength training.

They help build muscles and strengthen the upper body for intense workouts

The Foldable Push-Up board comes with the best-optimized settings possible to help you train your chest, shoulders, triceps & back in an effective manner

Once you start working out with this push-up board, you don't need to worry about getting the improper 'push-up posture'

The board is already designed in such a way that always the right muscles are targeted

Maintaining the right posture will save you from hurting your body and help you achieve results faster

Now you can work out like a pro, pump up your muscles, and easily achieve your fitness goal without a gym membership or heavy equipment

Why Will You Love This Push-Up Board

Sturdy Durable Material

The Foldable push-up board and the push-up handles are made with premium ABS plastic which provides strength, good grip, and durability to the equipment. The non-skid base of the push-up rack helps keep the board in place while working out. The non-slip ABS handles provide and make your workout routine more stable and easier.

Premium Compact Foldable Design

The ergonomically constructed Foldable Pushup rack is easy to assemble and use. Our Push-up Rack comes with two heavy-duty handles that conveniently attach with the given slots for your workout. They are easy to detach and store as well. The foldable construct of the push-up racks makes it highly compact equipment for workouts is ideal for both home and gym workouts.

9-in-1 Color-Coded Exercise


The Foldable Push-up boards come with a multifunctional system, wherein you can perform your push-ups in 14 different directions. You can fix the handles along the color-coded lines to hit different muscles groups effectively. Push-Ups along the green lines help with back muscles. Along the blue lines, they help the shoulders. Push-ups along the yellow line direction help with Triceps and the Red lines help build chest muscles.

Red Line: Chest Muscles

Yellow Line: Triceps Muscles

Blue Line: Shoulder Muscles

Green Line: Back Muscles

High-Grade Non-Slip Material

Our Push up Boards and handles are made with premium ABS Plastic which is highly durable and can bear your body weight easily. The non-skid base of the board and the patterned handles keep the board stable while doing push-ups.

  •  Easy Assembly

Our Pushup Racks have a very simple yet effective design and are built to give a hassle-free experience. You just have to unfold the board, fix the handle in the right slots, and start working out. The ease of use makes them suitable for usage by both men and women.

Multi Fitness

The Foldable Push-up board provides a complete workout for your upper body. Using the Multi-Function Foldable Push-up board gives you a proper body alignment that can effectively exercise the muscles of the shoulders, arms, back, abdomen, and chest. Our heavy-duty push-up board allows you to add multiple variations to your push-ups and accurately engages different upper body muscles for improved strength and definition.

Take The First Step of Transforming Your Body.



Package Contains:

1 Pushup Board

1 Pair Handles