Bouncing Linking Shots Bounce And Link Balls Game 2300+200 DELIVERY CHARGES

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  • Fun & Exciting: The game is so much fun and offers a great level of excitement by bouncing the ball forward with the coordination of eyes and hands.
  • Simple Set-Up: No complex set-up is required. Just put it on any flat surface then start playing.
  • Multiple Players: It can be played by multiple players up to 4 people (2 groups). It is perfect for parties.
  • Easy To Store: This board game is easy to store with the portable size.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour:Blue
  • Number of balls: 12 x Red 12 x Yellow 1 x Orange
  • Size:33 x 6.5 x 31cm(12.99 x 2.55 x 12.2inch)
  • Recommended for Age 8+

Game style:

  • Players Bounce the Balls simultaneously on the table before getting in the balls of their chosen colour to race for 4 in a row.
  • Players Bounce the Balls IN TURN on the table before going in. The game ends when one player get 4 in a row.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Bouncing Linking Shots
  • 25 x Ball