Car Windshield Repair DIY Tool Kit

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Pack of 1: Rs.1700

Pack of 2: Rs.2500

☑ Restores glass cracks and scratches

☑ Easy to use and operate, convenient for carrying and storage.

☑ Save you lots of money and time instead of buying a new piece of new.

☑ Practical car glass repair tool kit for all wise car owners.

☑ Allow you to cure and repair various kinds of damage caused by traffic accidents, impact, collisions, bump.

Package includes:

1 x Repair Resin

5 x Curing Strips

1x Sleeved Razor Blade


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Easy Instructions


Once the damage occurs, cover the area with transparent adhesive tape to prevent moisture and dirt from entering the damaged area.

Damage should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent the spread of small cracks.

The ideal applying temperature is 60℉ to 90℉ (15℃ to 32℃). The glue will be dried under the UV light, if you have no UV light, please do the repair operation under the sunshine.

The surface must be clean and dry for proper repair.

Do not expose the glue if there is no need to use.