Get Relief Knee Hot Belt

1999 1350

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Pack of 1: Rs. 1350
Pack of 2: Rs. 2500

Suitable to resist minor injuries
It protects the main knee bone-patella
Vented to ensure proper air passage
It is made up of Neoprene which is light, flexible and supportive
Its anatomy has been especially designed for world class athletes
Maximizes fitness
Material: Neotex
Provides maximum support to knees
Relieves from fatigue and pain
Product by Hot Shapers
Heat & Magnetic therapy, Pain relief.
Keep knee warm, prevent cold.
Knee support and magnet massage.
Free Size.
1 Hot shaper Knee Support Belt.
Ideal for those suffering from arthritis, ligament or deep tissue damage, sprains or sporting injuries.
Helps improve peripheral circulation and promote the body’s natural healing process.
Soft and comfortable neoprene promotes natural heat release.
Helps compress and support the injured area.
Elastic stretch for comfort.
Easy-close tabs for quick attachment and release.
Lightweight and undetectable under most clothing.
Available in two colours: black and skin tone.
Ideal for men and women.
Hand washable.


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