Magic Meat and Vegetable Roll Maker 999+200 DELIVERY CHARGES

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High Premium Material
Extremely lightweight, low maintenance, high premium food grade PP material, non-toxic, odorless, harmless to our body.

Save Time on Cooking
Would you like healthy and fast roll or other cooking after your tired busy work? PeSandy dolmer roller machine does a favor for your roll go in a short time.


Easy to Use
Firstly, lay the leaf on the roller band and pull back a little with your fingers. Then spoon the amount of meat-based on the required thickness, push the lever forward and your stuffed leaf will be ready to be cooked.

PeSandy dolma roller is a great kitchen tool for rolling sushi, stuffing meat inside grape or cabbage leaves without trouble, easy to operate. Please note: small or medium-sized grape leaves are most suitable.


Easy Fun Roll for Family Party Go
PeSandy sushi/ meat rolling tool is suitable for a family party, children also can enjoy roll-making together with parents which improve their roll skill and also get creates a chance to get along well with parent-child relations better.

  • Suitable for vegetables roll meat, Sushi, etc.
  • Great kitchen tool for making the sushi or roll the food without trouble, easy to operate
  • How to use: Put the vegetables as the base, put the meat on the leaves, and push it gently. The vegetable roulade is OK!
  • Suction cup and Rubber Feet For Surface Grip, Less Slippage
  • Plastic material, non-toxic, odorless, durable, and easy to wash