Magical 12 Colours Water Pen Set With Free Ceramic Spoon


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Why You Need This:

✔ Fun Activity: Water painting will pique children's interest. This is also a fun game to play with family and friends. A good bonding session is guaranteed.

✔ Boosts Creativity: The sketched animals float freely in it which catches children's attention and develops an interest for doodling and drawing, activities that are important for their development.

✔ Everything You Can Be Drawn: 12 colours make the painting objects more abundant, such as small fish, tortoise, big whale, small flower, butterfly and so on. The water-based design makes it insoluble in water, and the drawn animals can float freely on the water.

✔ Safe to Use: It is safe for the human body since it uses certified non-toxic ink and emits no odour which may be harmful for the children. It has an easy grip for small hands of the child.

✔ Perfect Learning Tool: The colours are vivid and clear and the product can be used as an interactive teaching method to teach children names of colours, different shapes, animals etc by visualisation.

✔ Can Be Easily Reused: The non-spilling ink can be simply removed with a towel without leaving any traces on the whiteboard making it as fresh and new as if never used before.


Magical Water Painting Pen is very easy to use

STEP 1: Draw the desired design using a coloured water pen on a bowl or spoon made of mirror, glass, or ceramic.

STEP 2: Wait at least 5 seconds to dry the pattern. 

STEP 3: Gently immerse it in water  

STEP 4: Watch it float.