Pack Of 6 : Eyecandy Rainbow Volume Brush

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  • Eyecandy Rainbow Volume Brush
  • Any hair of straight, perm hair curl can naturally pass through the air hole between wavy tips. Then, there would be no change of current hair curl status and at the same time hair is managed evenly without tangled hair.
  • The more brush your hair repeatedly, the more natural air volume can be made to the hair which adheres to the head-thanks to the air hole between wavy tips.
  • Thanks to the wavy tips, customer can fundamentally prevent tangled & screwed hair and maintain clean & neat hair curl status.
  • New concept of fashionable brush with mirror in back side. Also, wavy tipss with 7 rainbow colors brightens on the desk, dressing table, rest room.
  • Because wavy tips brush in following each hair curls, hair ¬†scratches by plastic material of brush tip can decrease and it may help to make your hair silky & shiny.
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